The Institute of the Sisters of Service of Canada

Sister Flynn leads choir

Sister Patricia Flynn leads the choir while Sister Anita Hartman plays the organ, Churchill, 1975. (SOSA 9-06.6-7-4)

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Churchill (1971-1979)

At the invitation of Bishop Robidoux, OMI, three Sisters arrived in the late summer of 1971 to teach in the local schools in this town on the western shore of Hudson’s Bay, about 1,600 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

At the Duke of Marlborough Elementary School, Sister Patsy Flynn taught Grade 3 and Sister Marilyn Gillespie served as a special education teacher. Sister Anita Hartman taught Grade 7 at Hearne Hall School, a junior high school.

In 1972, Sister Gillespie moved to Rankin Inlet to teach. Sister Hartman gave music lessons, which grew into a full-time program at the Sisters’ rented residence. Sister Flynn was also involved with the School Dance Club and was the religious coordinator for the parish.

Sisters Flynn and Hartman left Churchill in 1975. Sister Gillespie returned to Churchill to teach until 1979.

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