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Sister Mary Phillips' trailer in Faust

Sister Mary Phillips and Sister General Patricia Burke in front of Sister Phillips' trailer in Faust, 1972. (SOSA 9-06.12-1-5)

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Faust (1969-1974)

In late August 1969, Sisters Agnes Black and Mary Phillips arrived in Faust, a Cree-Métis community in the Northern Alberta Diocese of Grouard-McLennan.

The Sisters lived in a trailer home behind the school. Sister Mary Phillips taught in the Faust Public School from August 1969 until June 1970 and at nearby Joussard (1970-December 1973). The Sisters were involved in parish activities as well as initiated a preschool for First Nations children and the First Nations Co-op. For developing the language program for First Nations and Métis students, Sister Phillips was awarded the Hilroy fellowship in 1970.

Sister Marilyn MacDonald, a child welfare worker, joined the mission in July 1973, commuting to the office of the Alberta Department of Health and Social Development in High Prairie. The mission closed in 1974.

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